Benefits of Installing Water Coolers

The introduction of bottled water has underscored the need and importance of clean drinking water. People purchase bottled water to ensure that the water they are drinking is safe for consumption whether they are in the office or at home. However, bottled water is expensive. Purchasing one every time you need potable water is unreasonable and economically unwise. As a response to this issue, water coolers and hot water boilers have gained more traction as a basic and necessary appliance both at home and at the work place. It first saw popularity in commercial settings. They were installed in offices as a means for employees to stay healthy and hydrated during the course of their work. However, they are now a staple in every household.

Some Benefits of Getting a Water Cooler Installed

Hydration - Water dispensers help keep you hydrated and cool, especially on days when you are constantly on the go. Water dispenser ensure that you have a constant supply of water readily accessible while you are working. It is always such a bother to have to go out of the office when you are thirsty. It is also a waste of valuable time that you could have spent working instead. Remember that a hydrated work force is a more productive work force.

Keeps You Healthy - Regular water intake has been shown to keep the body healthier because it flushes harmful bacteria or toxins that have entered the body. The recommended amount is 8 glasses a day. Without a water cooler at your place of work, it would be difficult to reach this amount. Keeping one in the office is beneficial both for you and your family or employees.

Safe Drinking Water - The water from a water cooler is guaranteed safe to drink. Tap water is not recommended, especially in areas where contamination of water sources is a possible risk. Water from public fountains are also not good because of the pollutants and chemicals that are present in the water. To keep you safe from harmful pathogens in your drinking water, use a water cooler.

Cheaper Alternative - Employees that have fresh and filtered cold water readily available are more likely to drink it rather than a soda from a nearby vending machine. Soda can also cause a sugar crash and burn - definitely not a good thing for productivity. It is also cheaper to run a water cooler than it is to power a vending machine for drinks.